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Monday, June 12, 2006

Does Being Green Matters?

At times, I wonder whether green-living really matters, as most around me don't seem to bother at all. The idea of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" once so noble fell really short. Are we really taking life for granted? Are we really taking this planet for granted? I guess the answer is yes.

The irony is few see the irony of it, missing the reality of interconnection. I vaguely remember a poster I once read at an exhibition, saying we have no idea the SUV we use to drive our asthmatic kids to hospitals is the very reason why kids nowadays are so vulnerable to pollution and such. We don't see how everything we do can link back to us in millions of other intricate ways. If we do see that, we won't be weeping and thumping our chests, asking why terrible things happen.

Being green matters to us and GreenTheme takes green living seriously. We strive to avoid or minimise lifestyles that harm the Earth and its living beings. Before we can convince the big corporations that short-term benefits driven by greed is doing more harm than good to us, we ourselves should practise what matters, regardless how tiny an (in)action might be.

Thus the beginning of this blog.


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