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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Poison Ivy, Poisoned Earth

It's interesting to note that carbon dioxide actually boost Posion Ivy's growth, size and toxicity. Did a little research and found out that while trees and woody plants grow 31% faster in the CO2-rich areas, Poison Ivy grows 149% faster. What's more, forests become at risk because Posion Ivy's vines outgrow and smother trees. While 80% of the world population is allergic to this plant and no specific cure is available, should we not pull up our socks now and do something about the amount of CO2 we are producing before things get out of hand?

Ironically, in the movie "Batman & Robin", Poison Ivy's (played by Uma Thurman) environmental project fund was withdrawn by Wayne Enterprises due to some complications. When she personally went to explain to Bruce Wayne (played by George Clooney) about the situtation and request his further support (although a bit to far-fetch). Bruce Wayne still felt that money would be better spent on people than plants. That stirred hatred from Poison Ivy, leading to a string of mayhem.

While Bruce Wayne may not be wrong by putting people first, but personally, I felt he should have balanced his billion dollar fund well by protecting the environment too. Afterall, humans are the ones who cause the breakdown of environmental balance. Without Mother Earth, there's no people to take care of.


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