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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hazy Illusion

One look at the photo, and one would assume it's a photo taken from, say, Genting Highlands. Or perhaps, somewhere in the Scottish highlands where fresh mists are common. Well, we are not anywhere high up in the highlands afloat in a sea of clouds - we are in the middle of Singapore, surrounded by suffocating haze.

Forest fires... what's worse? It's man-made! We are at a point where pointing fingers and criticising do not help anymore. We need to do something fast. There's a need to understand burning forests isn't a viable option anymore - profitable only in the short run, digging our graves in the long run. There's a need to understand forests are important to us and our environment.

While people around the Malay Archipelego are choking with haze, another crazy human phenomenon had just started elsewhere. Nuclear tests in North Korea! A test that caused the Earth to tremble literally, unnecessarily. Whether it's a hoax, or real, why can't people choose peace over war, love over hate, forgiveness over grudges, generosity over selfishness, harmony over pride?